Evidence of Evolution in Your Own Body

Here’s a nice video I found about evidences of evolution that you can see in your own body.


The Youtube page says it’s Proof of evolution that you can find on your body,” but that’s too strong. Most scientists are hesitant to use the word “proof” about anything except math. While it’s easy to prove that 2+3=5, for example, it’s much more difficult to be absolutely certain about most other things. So let’s call these things “evidences” instead of “proofs.”

This is largely a philosophical distinction, of course. Even though it’s impossible to absolutely prove that all life on earth descended from a common ancestor, there is such an overwhelming amount of evidence that we should and do consider it a fact. It’s one of those cases of keeping an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out.

The little evidences discussed here are interesting because we can see them on our own skin. What’s totally convincing, though, is the massive amounts of evidence from the fossils, the genes and other chemistry of our bodies, viruses that invaded the genomes of our ancestor species and still exist in our own genomes as well as those of our cousin species, the ways living things have been and are distributed on earth through time and space, and many other lines of evidence that all agree with each other perfectly. Any part of it would be suggestive of evolution; but all together, it becomes incontrovertible.

I mean that literally, by the way. It is sometimes claimed there is a great controversy about evolution and that evolution is “a theory in trouble.” This is not true.

Any controversy is from amateurs, not biologists. Among scientists, there is almost universal agreement. Recent surveys have shown that over 97% of all scientists believe evolution is a fact. When the surveys included only biologists and scientists in closely related fields, the level of agreement rose to well over 99%.

Before you swat that next mosquito, remember — she’s your distant cousin! Then go ahead and swat her anyway. Those things carry disease germs. Which are your even more distant cousins, of course.

We usually don’t like that side of the family very much!