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Swans apparently asking for help

It’s from social media, Facebook in this case; so I can’t guarantee it’s legitimate. But it looks real to me. Still, science depends on skepticism, so we have to ask a few questions.

How did the swans get so tangled up in the first place? Is that even possible? Were they fighting? Or trying some fancy new sex positions? (That would be interesting in itself.) Could somebody have done this to them? Maybe to stage a photo op?

How did they know the guy would help them and not have them for dinner? Is is possible they were the guy’s pets? Or maybe they were so desperate they took a chance?

But how did they . . . how could they even decide together to trust the guy and swim to him for help, since swans don’t talk? Don’t they seem to be cooperating to swim to him? Is that possible?

I don’t know the answers to any of these questions, so this is really more about human interest than science. But it’s at least interesting and thought provoking.

Science starts with observations and questions. We’ve observed what appears to be two swans that needed help, so they seemed to come to a man for that help. If we were doing real science,we’d have to try to find out the answers to our questions first of all.

Then, depending on the answers, we might form a hypothesis that the swans actually agreed together to come to a man they knew nothing of to get help.

But, based on what really know about birds, that seems pretty unlikely. As much as I would like for this hypothesis to be true, it actually seems pretty unlikely.

Seeing is believing? Not really. Not until you’ve verified all the relevant information.